Happy Father’s Day

Fatherhood has often carried a stereotype in this country, in regards to the role of the man in a nuclear family unit. In fairly recent American history, fathers were considered the bread-winners. These men were normally married to women, whom they had children with. They would be away at work for most of the day, and usually wouldn’t be involved in the whole kid-raising thing. As we move away from the 1950’s, fathers have really come out of the shadows and taken on a role just as important as the mother.

Today, fathers come in many shapes and sizes. Some fathers aren’t married and some aren’t with women at all. There are single-fathers, two father households, step-fathers and even stay-at-home dads. Fathers are taking on more active roles in their children’s lives. “Go ask your mother” is a thing of the past. The daddy game has certainly changed for the better.

I always knew my husband would be a good father, but he continues to amaze me with the nurturing and loving parenting he provides our son. The connection between my son and husband is so strong, even from the moment Dylan was born. My husband is the first person my son ever looked at. Just seeing him and hearing his voice for the very first time, calmed our crying infant immediately. There was an instant connection. Over the next days and weeks, my husband nurtured the bond between our child and himself. To this day, when our son wakes at night crying, he wants his daddy first. Daddy means security, comfort, love — all the things that used to be linked solely to mothers.

In honor of Father’s Day, let’s remember to thank our awesome baby daddies. Thank you for staying home for the first six-weeks of our son’s life. Thank you for waking up at night every time our baby cried. Thank you for letting me sleep when I was so tired I couldn’t stand. Thank you for every dirty diaper you have changed. Thank you for giving me my mommy time. Thank you for being calm when I was [am] frazzled. Thank you for being such a good father and husband.

Happy Father’s Day Dada…and to all the other daddies out there.


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