Break On Through

As my little crawler becomes more adept at getting where he wants to go, he’s starting to recognize that there are boundaries. At first, it was all about reaching that ungettable toy. Once it was in his hands, he was unbelievably happy and proud. These days, that doesn’t cut it anymore. It’s more about how far he can get and how many boundaries he can get through. It has become like Jurassic Park in our apartment. Dylan creeps around the perimeter of the room, systematically testing for weaknesses in our defenses. And believe me, he finds them.

I have found, it’s best to let him explore where he wants to (within reason). It takes a little more running after him, but it’s exercise, right? He seems more happy and fulfilled when he’s had a good day of exploring and activity. We’ve been sticking to gating him out of things, instead of gating him in somewhere. He responds to this method much better.

Still, every time I think I have an area secured, he finds a way to breach it. It’s actually funny to watch this little person figure things out. Thankfully he hasn’t started climbing yet, but he has definitely been trying. (Yikes!)




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