Did I Just Say That?

A lot of parents promise themselves (and others) that they will never  speak in baby-talk to their children. “That will never come out of my mouth!” I understand. I was one of those parents…then I had a baby. It happens fast and without your consent. You look down at your little bundle one day and just blurt out, “widdle toesies!” CRINGE! (I blame sleep deprivation.) How could I have let this happen. Well, I’m beginning to think it just comes with the territory. As much as I was against this, I now know that it’s virtually impossible to not switch your L’s to W’s once in a while.

Another cringe-worthy thing I am totally guilty of is making up songs for my son. Looking back, I have always done this (usually to annoy my husband), but it’s just on a different level now. I will catch myself in the grocery store singing to my son about how stinky his “yiddle feet” are or (cringe) making up my own baby-related lyrics to a popular song. I won’t horrify you with any specifics. I will suddenly look up and see a guy walk by that definitely heard my baby-friendly Usher remix. Sh*t! I just try to evacuate the general area and/or use the nearest produce or cereal box for cover. I’m just thankful that I wasn’t doing one of my baby-mesmerizing dances because that would be really embarrassing. Wow, I’m one of those people. Sigh. It could be worse though, I could be singing him The Wiggles.


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