Still No Mama…

Dylan began saying “dada” when he was around six months old. I’ve been trying to convince him to say “mama,” ever since. He is now almost 10 months old and still no “mama”! I know it’s a hard sound for babies to make, so I’ve been patient.

Well, I was patient, until a couple of weeks ago when he started saying “cat.” After that, I started to push mama a lot harder. Mama this, mama that, I love my mama. I tried everything. Dylan would just look up at me, give me a big toothless-grin, laugh and say, “dada!” I thought, OK, mama’s got to be next.

In the past two days he has started saying “hot” and even putting two words together. “Hi cat!” But still…no mama. I think, at this point, he’s just being stubborn about it. He will make a desperate attempt at bedtime one evening and yell out, “mama!” Of course, he knows that I will go running to him joyously and pluck him right out of his crib. It’s all part of his master plan.

I am ecstatic over these new and cute little words that aren’t mama, nonetheless. I mean he will get to mama eventually, right?


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