Boob Tube for Preggos

A short guide to some popular television series about pregnancy.

It seems that every time you change the channel these days, there is a show on about pregnancy and birth. Some are great and can make you feel less anxious about the birth process, others are annoying and there are some that are downright scary.

I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant, Discovery Health

A frequent flyer on The Soup, this is a whole series chronicling women who didn’t know they were pregnant. I thought this was a completely plausible concept, until I was pregnant. How could someone not know they were preggo? Maybe it was just me, but there was no hiding my belly, especially toward the end. This show recycles the same story and even gives the same symptoms time and again. She never got her period, she didn’t gain any weight and she never had cravings or nausea. The woman inevitably ends up attached to the toilet in shock. The dramatizations are often comical and over-dramatic. But, this show can often be horrifying for a pregnant woman to watch. These women are almost always screaming in pain and usually think they are dying. Let’s just say, it’s not the best thing to watch when you are scared of giving birth already.

A Baby Story, TLC

My husband actually banned this show from our house in my second trimester because it was freaking me out too much. At first, I liked this show. The women seemed real and the situations were very emotional. However, I started to notice that some of these episodes made me very nervous. I understand that not every show can be about the good/easy births because that would be boring. But, more often than not, this show highlights the more frightening birth stories. The emergency C-sections, Preeclampsia, breech babies, detached placentas…the list goes on. It’s a great show after you have given birth, but while you are pregnant, it just reminds you of all that can go wrong and it can be horrifying.

Pregnant in Heels, Bravo

This show is about a pregnancy concierge and the clients that she encounters in Manhattan. I have never watched it pregnant, but I’m sure I would have the same reaction to it. It is downright obnoxious. Who wants to watch a show about spoiled pregnant women? As you struggle to work while pregnant, figure out how much time you can take for maternity leave and budget money; these women are planning out how many people to hire to do everything for them after the baby arrives. One woman thought that she should never have to change a diaper because that’s what the people she hired were there for. Really? Unless you are dedicated to watching every show about pregnancy…I would skip this one.

One Born Every Minute, Lifetime

This show came on after I had Dylan. The ads for it looked intriguing, so I set my DVR. I have to say, my husband and I became addicted to this show. We feel that it is the most realistic out of the other shows. Sometimes there are complications, but the situations aren’t over-dramatic or edited to seem worse. The issues that the women have seem real. This show does a good job of showing how long and boring labor can be, and the humor that can be found in different situations along the way. There are women featured who want natural births, women who want drugs and some women who can’t decide. This show will make you remember how amazing it was to give birth. I wish this was on before I had given birth because I think it would have eased some of my anxiety about the whole process.


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  1. So true. Honesty and eevytrhing recognized.

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