There was a time, not so long ago, that earthquakes didn’t sound so bad. I remember wanting to experience one, just so I knew what it felt like. I also never used to be scared of tornadoes, flooding, movies about the apocalypse, etc. Lately, I’ve been noticing — things that didn’t use to scare me now terrify me. Could a certain toddling tyke have something to do with this?

When my building started shaking on Tuesday, I went from, “hmm, I’m dizzy” to “gotta to get outta here now!” really fast. My gut instinct was to get out of the house. When I got downstairs everyone was pretty freaked out, but I was actually shaking. Later, after I calmed down, I thought about why I had gotten so scared. I guessed that it was because I was alone with my young child and knew I had to protect him. Now, I know how this sounds, it was an aftershock, not even a real earthquake. Looking back, I’m shocked at just how terrified I was.

I’ve noticed over the last year that I can’t watch movies I would normally be into. The Road really disturbed me. Every time I tried to watch it, I would chicken out. Normally I would have been into this kind of movie, but now it bothered me to the point where it wasn’t enjoyable. In fact, anything about the apocalypse is less entertaining to me and way more disturbing. Dammit! Will I ever be able to watch a zombie movie again?!

Will this new personality trait begin to fade over time? Maybe it will, but maybe it won’t. Is this why so many moms I know aren’t fans of horror movies? Hmm. I guess I better buck up before Halloween arrives.



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2 responses to “Aftershocks

  1. You have shed a ray of ssnuhine into the forum. Thanks!

    • galshopperny

      Thank you, Daisy! I’m glad you are enjoying Adventures of a Mama! Your comment got caught up in my spam filter, sorry it took so long to approve.

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