Two high chairs for small spaces

Living in the city has many perks, but space isn’t one of them. I am constantly looking for things that make apartment-living easier for parents with small children. A lot of baby gear can be bulky and large…especially high chairs. Here are two high chairs that work wonderfully in small spaces. The first is a wooden chair that offers versatility and function. The second is a chair with a more modern look that is super-compact and stable. Either of these high chairs are a great choice for urban family living.

Euro II High chair/Chair

The Euro II is an affordable alternative to the popular Stokke Tripp Trapp. It retails for $119.95 on OneStepAhead and currently $99.95 on Amazon. The chair is also very versatile, which I love. It touts itself as “a high chair for babies, a booster for tots and a student chair for teens.” The Euro II supports up to 150 lbs., so it can be used for a long period of time. The chair offers a five-point harness, cushion, optional seat cover and back rest, removable safety bar and more. I purchased the optional feeding tray for $19.95, which screws on to the chair and comes with a removable tray that sits on top. The removable tray would make cleaning much easier, but my son learned to remove and throw it early on, so I don’t use it much.

The chair comes in both cherry and natural finishes. I like that this high chair looks more like a piece of furniture and less like a giant plastic seat, as some do. One thing I did notice is that my son began to chew on the sides of it and the finish wore away in areas. So, I guess it’s not badger-proof. The chair cleans easily with average household cleaners. Note: When scrubbing/scraping dried food off of the wood – watch the finish. The chair is 22 ½ inches in depth, 18 inches wide and 31 inches tall. The footprint of this high chair is small, taking up only a bit more than an average dining chair would, which makes it perfect for apartments and small spaces.

Bottom line: This high chair is functional, space-efficient and a great buy for the money. The Tripp Trapp technically takes up a few inches less floor space, but retails for almost double what this wooden chair costs. If you are looking for a wooden high chair with form, function and a reasonable price – the Euro II is the way to go.


BABYBJORN released this high chair at the beginning of the summer. It is more costly than the Euro II, retailing on Amazon for $295.73, but if you are looking for an easy high chair, with a modern look, that slips out-of-the-way in a flash – it’s worth the money. This chair is designed to be safe, ergonomically correct for your little one’s back, easy to clean and (best of all) compact. The chair can be used for children from six months –  three years of age, as it is adjustable. I’m not sure my son will still fit into the chair when he is three, so I’m not sure how long this chair will last for us. There is only a lap harness – the tray flips up and doubles as a safety device, which locks into place. The tray boasts a snap-on top that can be washed. The smooth design, makes washing this tray a breeze. The high chair is designed to be ergonomically correct for children. It has a high-backrest, which is curved and hugs the child’s body. The chair is made of PVC-, BPA-, phthalates-, cadmium-, lead-, bromine- and chlorine-free plastic and painted steel. It measures 38 inches in height and 23 inches in depth, when in use. The design of this chair is more modern than the wooden high chairs, but has a pleasant, clean look.

The best feature of this high chair, is that it’s so compact. The tray folds down and you can tuck the chair into the corner or fold it up completely. When folded, the high chair is only 10.5 inches wide. You can travel with this chair fairly easily, as it folds up flat and weighs only 11 lbs. So far, this chair has been very safe. My son has never come close to tipping it over, as it has four well-splayed legs. However, he has wiggled around enough to move the chair a few inches across the floor. I also like that it’s not as tall as most high chairs, so pulling him up to the table with us is easy.

Bottom line: The BABYBJORN high chair is a safe, easy-to-clean, small chair that functions beautifully in apartments and urban spaces. It is easy on your child’s back with its ergonomically correct design. Plus, it takes up much less room than its plastic counterparts and sits nice and low – so it’s easier to sit together for family dinners.

Have an urban-friendly family idea? Contact me! I’m always looking for new ideas to make apartment living easier.

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