Just in case you’ve been living under a rock (or incredibly busy and distracted, like me), there’s a storm that’s possibly headed into our area. Yes, one year since the freak Halloween snow storm of 2011 and 14 months after Hurricane Irene busted up (most of these photos were taken in my neighborhood) the downtown area of Jersey City, we are being freaked out by local news agencies about a storm they have dubbed “Frankenstorm.” Hurricane Sandy is projected to hit the NYC area on Monday and she will meet up with a winter storm system coming from the West and become “Count Stormula” (thanks Derek). All joking aside, if Hurricane Irene taught local residents anything — it was to be prepared…just in case. The main threat for our area will obviously be flooding, but they aren’t predicting nearly as much rain as Irene dropped.

The Jersey City homepage is posting relevant information to keep residents prepared. Sand bags will become available for pick-up (check back on the JC homepage for updated information) and emergency shelters will be set up and transportation to them provided, in case of an emergency evacuation. The mayor urges residents to also check the city’s Facebook page and Twitter feed and to sign up for the C3 Mass Alert system for up-to-date information on the storm and preparedness. Another reliable source of information is the Jersey Shore Hurricane News Facebook page, which was created last year, in response to preparing for Hurricane Irene and has since become and user-infused NJ news/weather experience.

In the meantime, don’t get caught up in the hype and anxiety often created by the news outlets. Stay informed through checking on what the city itself has to say and disregard rumors. Let’s hope it passes us by!


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